2019 Incoming President’s Message!

Granada Hills 2040 Initiative

What kind of community should Granada Hills be in 2040 and beyond?  We will get there together.  If Granada Hills is where you live, work, learn, shop, play, or visit – you are a vital part of our community

I would like to propose that the Granada 2040 Initiative start a process which engages all community members to develop a collective vision for the Granada Hills Community and the strategies to accomplish that vision.

 What We Would Want To Achieve:

Through input and ideas from more than 60,000 individuals, over 4000 businesses along with all the Granada Hills organizations work together collectively in a future vision where our town will be described as:

– Diverse                                           – Safe, Clean environment

– Vibrant                                            – Welcoming

– Community                                     – Small town feel

– Helpful                                             – Family

– Friendly                                           Valued education for all

– Innovative                                        – Ecology

– With Beautification

 And working to bridge this change to our maturing community at large.

Let’s then share our vision with other Valley communities as we work to share common interests and events, let’s build it they will come!!!

We can make this Community a better place if we just start giving.  Let’s make our future our moral responsibility. Please, let’s work in solidarity and together we can make a difference and change our stars

Thank you once again.


Mike Benedetto, President
2019 Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce




Madlena Minasian


Mike Benedetto, Pinnacle Estate Properties