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2024 Past Events

Good Times Comedy Granada

Get ready to laugh until your sides ache as we look back on the uproarious Good Times Comedy Granada Event of January 25, 2024! 😂🎤 Hosted at the Vineyards in Porter Ranch, this unforgettable comedy extravaganza featured a stellar lineup of talented comedians who kept the audience in stitches from start to finish.

Headlining the evening were the hilarious Paul Elia, Dwayne Perkins, John Huck, and Darren Carter, each bringing their unique brand of humor to the stage. From witty observations to side-splitting anecdotes, their performances had the crowd roaring with laughter and applause.

The atmosphere was electric as comedy enthusiasts gathered to enjoy a night of pure entertainment and good vibes. With each joke and punchline, the camaraderie among audience members grew stronger, creating an unforgettable shared experience.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Good Times Comedy Granada Event, and a special thanks to our talented comedians for keeping the laughter flowing! Stay tuned for more laughter-filled events coming your way from the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce. 😄🎭

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